Coming August 10th, 2018

AWOL LAN Deployment Kit Comparison Guide

Deployment Kits are a bundled 'upgrades' to help you survive 54 Hours of LAN Madness.
Check out the options below and gear up for the event!

    Basic Food Food+ Play Ultimate
Entrance to AWOL
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Red Ticket
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
This ticket is for the general prize pool and each attendee only receives one.
Green Ticket
- Yes Yes Yes Yes
One (1) ticket for each month of registration for the upcoming event.
Not to exceed 6 tickets
Dog Tag
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Soda
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
- Yes Yes - Yes
The 'canteen' is a Metropolis Resort 32oz souvenir bottle with a lid and straw.
This bottle entitles the holder to unlimited soda for life
any time you visit and have your bottle at Metropolis Resort.
After Hours Play
- Yes Yes Yes Yes
Late night Go-Karts and Laser Tag
Friday Donuts
- Yes Yes - Yes
Friday Pizza Dinner
- Yes Yes - Yes
Saturday Pizza Dinner
- Yes Yes - Yes
$35 Metropolis Card
- - Yes - Yes
The Metropolis card can be used for food or any other attractions around the resort that accepts cards.
Unlimited DQ Slushies and Coffee
- - Yes - Yes
3 Day Unlimited Play
- - - Yes Yes
Unlimited use of Non-Redemption Games.
*Unlimited play is good throughout AWOL.
*Outdoor Sprint Cars and Ticket Arcade games are NOT included in Unlimited Play.
2 Day Water Park Pass
- - - Yes Yes
  Base Registration Cost $40 $40 $40 $40 $40
  Deployment Kit Upgrade Cost +$0 +$20 +$45 +$45 +$80
  Total Cost $40 $60 $85 $85 $120
Must be logged in to upgrade!
Upgrades Are Disabled
You will be able to upgrade your registration at the door.

Online upgrades will only be available until July 22nd, 2018.
-0 days left to upgrade in advance online!
The listed titles of the available packages do not denote any particular rank among your fellow gamers
and does not entitle the holder of a particular package to any power over holders of other packages.

Upgrades at the door are subject to an at-the-door upgrade fee.
Availability of dog tag may be limited for at-the-door upgrades.
Indicates more information available when you hover the appropriate row.
Subject to availability from sponsorship.

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