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  1. Participation in AWOL LAN is a binding contract to abide by the rules. AWOL LAN reserves the right to without further notice change the rules. Updates are posted as soon as possible at
  2. Each participant must follow the instructions from AWOL LAN staff as well as venue staff and also authorities (even if these instructions go against AWOL LAN rules.).
  3. Participation in the event AWOL LAN is at your own risk.
  4. Follow our rules, use caution, eat and sleep normally. It is highly recommended to get a full good night's sleep if you intend to be driving from AWOL LAN.
  5. Each table seat is valid for one (1) person and one (1) computer or console at the event. With each ticket you receive a table space and a chair, and the right to be inside AWOL LAN during the entire event, according to opening/closing times posted on the website.
  6. Each registered user is responsible to fill in all contact information correctly.
  7. Any disruptions in the LAN or power do not grant you a refund or reduced seat rate. Any canceled contests or other happenings do not grant you a refund or reduced seat rate.
  8. AWOL LAN is not liable for any economical loss in relation to AWOL LAN, directly or indirect, for example in case of a canceled event, electrical failure or similar.
  9. No person or persons shall hold AWOL LAN liable.
  10. AWOL LAN is not responsible for personal belongings or equipment. Do not leave valuable belongings unattended!
  11. Do not place clothes or other flammable material on power strips or alike. Do not hang or in any other way place anything in the power or network cables hanging in-between the table rows.
  12. Do not use homemade electrical equipment. Please use power cables and extensions of good quality.
  13. Participants are absolutely not allowed to bring any form of: toaster, microwave oven, coffee maker, refrigerator, searchlight or any other high watt consuming or heat producing appliances.
  14. Fire in any form (candles, lighters, gas stoves or alike) are not allowed to be used indoors.
  15. Participants are responsible for keeping their seat and the surrounding area free of litter. Dispose of garbage into the bins placed in the aisles.
  16. Arm chairs, couches or alike are not permitted. A simple office chair is allowed.
  17. You are not permitted to sleep underneath the tables or in the aisles. Sleeping outside of the LAN room in Action City is permitted during non-business hours.
  18. Speakers are not allowed. Players must use headphones or a headset.
  19. Each seat is allowed to connect 1 (one) computer or console to the network. Connection sharing with another device is not allowed. Routers, switches, wireless acess points and the like are not allowed.
  20. If your computer is causing problems in the network such as: virus, attacks, etc, your computer will be disconnected until the problem is resolved. If the person refuses to disconnect his/her computer from the network we have the right to evict this person from the premises
  21. Each participant is responsible for their own precautions to protect themselves from viruses, spyware etc. Everyone is advised to have an updated antivirus program and firewall installed.
  22. Alcohol and drugs in any form do not belong and are not allowed at AWOL LAN. People that are intoxicated and/or in any other altered state will not be let onto the premises. People found intoxicated and/or on drugs will be shown off the premises. Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors and is only allowed in the designated smoking area.
  23. Participants are in not permitted to build their own table, or extend the existing tables.
  24. Do not alter or touch AWOL LAN's cables or equipment
  25. Participants are not permitted to sell anything without the permission of AWOL LAN. This does not include occasional sale of second hand or personal belongings.
  26. Posting posters or any other spreading of commercial material, propaganda or anything similar is strictly forbidden without special clearance from AWOL LAN.
  27. AWOL LAN retains the legal right to place network cameras for publishing on the Internet and also publish photo's taken inside and outside AWOL LAN on the Internet without asking further permission from participants that may be visible in the picture.
  28. AWOL LAN retains the legal right to edit, publish, modify, sell and distribute photographies, video and audio recordings taken inside and outside AWOL LAN on various content delivery channels such as but not limited to Youtube, as a physical copy such as but not limited to DVD, HDCAM SR and Blu-Ray without asking further permission from persons that may be visible in the picture.
  29. Things to not run or have on your PC: Online backup software (carbonite, mozy, et al.), torrent software, filesharing programs, 'adult' material (this is an all ages event)
  30. Absolutely no outside food or beverage. A bottomless cup of soda is included in all registrations. Food is available through Metropolis Resort and Action City.
  31. Cancellation requests made more than 60 days before the event will be granted a full refund.

    Cancellation requests made within 60 days before the event will only be refunded for any upgrades that were purchased. e.g. If a Food+ Deployment Kit was purchased the cost of the upgrade will be refunded.

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